Project Management, Operation & Support

JTO Group provides advanced, professional Homeland Security & Defense project management services for international companies, foreign governments, defense contractors and private interests worldwide.

Our team of experts works closely together at all stages of the project; from planning and scheduling, to operational management of all project processes ,including risk management and on to final, successful completion.

JTO Group brings with it strategic thinking, extensive professional experience and exceptional expertise in its field. This gives us a refreshing and comprehensive approach for the effective management of every project.

We supply each project with a total package of solutions including:

  • Local management team
  • Crisis management
  • Online support given by experts
  • Procurement management
  • Commercial advisory services
  • Logistics administration, customs clearance, storage and delivery
  • Integrated Logistics Support services
  • Infrastructure and construction supervision
  • Professional Training

Our aim is to help you achieve your goals with the best professional solutions and the highest quality service.
Working under tight schedules, challenging demands and client budget requirements.