Homeland Security & Defense

JTO Group supplies clients around the globe with advanced Homeland Security & Defense services and products

  • Equipment and System Supply
  • Project Management, Operation & Support
  • Business Development & Marketing

At JTO you’ll find a team of international experts all with many years of experience in the fields of military, defense, security and business operations. The team works closely with each client throughout every project, expertly finding the correct and most efficient services that are perfectly adapted to the job’s specific needs.

Working within budget constraints and according to schedules, the team leads strategic business steps, guides and assists in the establishment of special units, manages complex projects and the development of new products.

Our team of international experts works alongside a professional and experienced local team. Together they lead the project through all of its stages.

JTO Group work with the world’s largest companies providing advanced, cutting edge technologies for security and defense.

We bring with us the world’s highest levels of innovation and quality and regularly work with private companies, international organizations and governmental bodies decisively leading the lobbying and promotion of vital goals.

We firmly believe in providing our clients with the very best and highest possible standards of service – faithfully, reliably, consistently and with close attention to their needs.